A Better Way Forward
A Joint Candidate Statement from WeR4UH

FAQ available online

Our document, “Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)” was mailed to all UH voters on Thursday, Oct. 24 and is also available online.

For Your Reference

The following are links to campaign documents selectively disseminated by the Building Common Ground PAC on behalf of the other five “independent” council candidates.

“Building Common Ground” (9/13)
“Building Common Ground” (10/13)

As candidates for the University Heights City Council, we look forward to meeting you and discussing the issues that will guide our city government and shape the future of our community.

In the coming weeks, we hope to meet many “newcomers” to town and reacquaint ourselves with established residents through neighborhood visits. We’d be glad to answer questions or simply listen.

We encourage you to attend our upcoming “Meet the Candidates” events or contact us by phone or email. Your input is key as we consider the issues our community is facing or may encounter in the years to come.

Campaign Documents and Supporting Materials

Visit our “Documents” page for a list of of materials mailed to residents, as well as our forum responses.